Two certifications are available through SIG University

  1. Certified Sourcing Professional (CSP)
  2. Certified Supply Management Professional (CSMP)


Which Certification is Right for You?

Maybe both. The SIG U certifications currently available cover completely different competencies and skills.

Certified Sourcing Professional Certified Supply Management Professional
  • 12-week course
  • Focused on the hard and soft skills of sourcing
  • Covers strategic sourcing and outsourcing methodologies as well as best practices in negotiations
  • Offers next practice insights in artificial intelligence, big data, crowdsourcing and other disruptive technologies challenging the future of work
  • 5-week course
  • Focused on the discipline of governance
  • Covers contract administration, value realization, risk mitigation, compliance and continuous improvement
  • Offers insights on supplier relationship management that helps organizations understand how to mitigate risks associated with supplier behavior




2018 Course Start Dates:

Why Certify?

Today’s business marketplace is increasingly competitive, and companies need top talent to have the soft skills, analytical skills, financial proficiency and technical acumen to succeed. Certification puts you and your organization in a special league. Inspired leaders look to top performers and known innovators to find tomorrow’s best practices and methodologies.

What Makes SIG University Unique?

SIG University is an innovative classroom experience where students learn from course material and practitioner faculty. The SIG U blended environment offers a virtual classroom available 24/7 and/or live training as needed. Students enrolled in SIG U’s online program take quizzes at the end of each lesson providing immediate feedback that shows their retention and application of the course material. All quiz and test questions are written by sourcing professionals and then submitted to a psychometrician for validation. Experienced faculty engage with students each week in a discussion forum to further strengthen and validate the learning environment.

SIG U enrollment is available in “open and "closed" cohorts. An open cohort includes students from multiple companies. A closed cohort consists of 25 or more employees from a single employer taking the course at one time and is available outside regularly scheduled semester start dates. 


Bachelor's degree OR

4 years of relevant industry experience OR

8+ years of general business experience

Requirements for Certification

  • Students are required to complete all required eLearning lessons in the Certified Sourcing Professional program
  • Students are required to pass each lesson's exam with a score of 80% or higher
  • Students are required to post/respond to at least one discussion question per week

Certification Renewal

  • SIG U certifications are valid for five years
  • Renewals of certificates require the accumulation of continuing education credits through participation in SIG Summits and SIGnature events, community events and online training opportunities