Certified Sourcing Professional

It is widely recognized that the world of sourcing is rapidly changing. Since the last recession, sourcing has been seen not just as the gatekeeper for cost savings, but also as a strategic partner in value creation. Likewise, those in sourcing roles are expected to hit the ground running and immediately deliver…but are you prepared to do that? In today’s environment, it is imperative that all sourcing professionals speak a common language around the topic of sourcing. 

Executives at Fortune 500 companies routinely tell us that they are too busy to give their talent the education they need to be immediately successful, yet they recognize the importance of enhancing their team’s skills.  



SIG University’s Certified Sourcing Professional (CSP) program provides in-depth training on the hard and soft skills of sourcing, giving students the tangible and practical knowledge they need to be successful. In a 12-week facilitated course, students are exposed to strategic sourcing methodologies and outsourcing best practices, and are equipped with a toolkit of resources allowing them to add value in the office immediately. Developed by practitioners, academics and subject matter experts, the CSP program is the most well-rounded curriculum available in the market for those seeking additional sourcing expertise.

"The program and material was well worth the time and effort to successfully complete it. Response and support from the staff was excellent! SIG U is thorough, flawless and challenging."

- Jim McCombs, Honda North America

Available for Buy-side and Sell-side Professionals

Would you ever hire a general contractor if you knew more about construction than they did? Certainly not. Likewise, buy-side practitioners are looking for partners who can talk the talk. They are seeking industry experts, not order-takers. The CSP curriculum is designed for both buy-side and sell-side professionals to level the playing field and create a common language of sourcing that everyone can speak. If buy-side and sell-side professionals are communicating in the same language, the relationship becomes more consultative and less sales-oriented. It’s a win-win for everyone.

At the end of this course, Certified Sourcing Professionals should be able to assess and implement:

  • Business “best practices” and theories in order to develop and continually improve company operations and outcomes
  • Strategic sourcing methodology to design, deliver and troubleshoot company initiatives
  • Systematic outsourcing methodology in order to design, execute and evaluate company initiatives
  • Effective leadership models and team development strategies
  • Department level goal setting and monitoring strategies that achieve results and align with overall organizational goals
  • Technological solutions to support efficient operations