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Back to School...Adult Style

As we roll into August and September, many of us are getting our children ready to start the new school year - whether that is grade school, high school or college. But children are not the only ones preparing to attend school in the fall - many adults are thinking of their education as well. Recent statistics show that by 2020 over 43% of the college student base will be over the age of 25. There is also increased interest in competency-based learning that is focused on career-oriented and compressed certificate education.

Best Practices from SIG University Part III: Key Takeaways

by Jamie Liddell, Editor, Outsource and Co-Head of EMEA, SIG

In our final installment in the discussion on the importance of education and the value of options like SIG University, Jamie Liddell shares key takeaways from students who hailed from Honda North America, PNM Resources and Florida Blue.