Competency Mapping

Let’s face it job descriptions are typically outdated within days or weeks of a person starting a new job. Business needs change, technology advances and as a consequence, roles and responsibilities become out of date quickly.

What if you could:

  • Articulate success in your organization?
  • Create a common language around job performance?
  • Discuss more meaningful development opportunities?
  • Structure your organization to identify the competencies
  • needed to be successful?
  • Better understand potential career stallers or stoppers?
  • Find and align top talent with business needs?

You can. With the Competency Mapping product, SIG University can coach you and your organization on the competencies needed to compete in today’s environment.

Built on best practices and 60 years of research, this innovative and advanced competency mapping framework helps target specific organizational functions, industries and business challenges.

  • Job Description Mapping: SIG University works with your organization to map 38 competencies to each job role. The result of competency mapping is a department/organization that is aligned to the correct attitudes, capabilities and development.
  • Department Mapping: Similar to Job Mapping, Department Mapping allows your organization to determine what competencies are needed for your team to be successful.

SIG University coaches your organization on competencies needed to be part of your team and how to differentiate your team and your people. This framework can be rearranged to suit changing business strategies and allow you to have meaningful conversations to develop your team.

Contact SIG University to learn more about how our team can align these trusted competencies to your current and future roles.