Back to School...Adult Style

As we roll into August and September, many of us are getting our children ready to start the new school year - whether that is grade school, high school or college. But children are not the only ones preparing to attend school in the fall - many adults are thinking of their education as well. Recent statistics show that by 2020 over 43% of the college student base will be over the age of 25. There is also increased interest in competency-based learning that is focused on career-oriented and compressed certificate education.

Adults realize the value in changing the dynamic of their career by taking classes that will help them succeed. Esteban Valenzuela, working as a project manager with Honda North American Indirect Procurement in the Strategic Inventory Management team shared his thoughts on this issue, "The decision to attend SIG University was easy. I have always been and continue to be a lifelong student. I am always looking for opportunities to expand my knowledge base."

Today's business marketplace is increasingly competitive and companies need top talent to have the soft skills, analytical skills, financial proficiency and technical acumen to succeed. We see organizations modify their direction, enhance their product offerings, change strategies and implement new policies. These changes often require employees to learn a new skill, think in innovative ways, become more collaborative or go back to basics. "The sourcing industry as a whole, needs something that provides that foundational information that level sets the understanding between all the players. From what I can tell SIG University seems to have understood that gap and created something that can provide a foundational understanding to all the students," adds Allison Brown, a ten-year procurement and vendor management professional working for Florida Blue, the Blue Cross Blue Shield entity for the state of Florida.

SIG University is focused on delivering relevant, collaborative and rigorous training through our College of Sourcing and College of Governance. Offered in an online learning atmosphere, SIG U focuses on enhancing skills for professionals in sourcing and procurement. Its asynchronous virtual environment allows an education without borders, helping working professionals gain the skills they need to compete for the jobs they want. SIG University also offers live training opportunities for teams who want in-person instruction.

On August 10th, we will host a SIG Town Hall Teleconference discussion around aligning strategy, organizational objectives and human capital development. Space is limited, click here to register. This discussion, we will show how organizations fail to achieve their strategy because the employee base does not have a clear understanding of the vision and the needed tools to complete the tasks.

Your last opportunity to enroll in the Certified Sourcing Professional (CSP) curriculum for the 2016 calendar year is September 19th. Take this time to prepare the kids and yourself for the next year and beyond.