Joanne Sacher


Joanne Sacher
Independent Consultant
Former MassMutual CPO

Joanne Sacher, past CPO at MassMutual and now an independent consultant, has over 35 years as a Procurement & Sales leader with extensive experience in building successful, value-add procurement and sales organizations from the ground up, aligned to high standards, delivering high quality, value-add results.  Joanne’s experience ranges from procurement strategy, operations & process, negotiations & contracting, supplier & risk management to a number of years in sales, building teams, developing and providing training and heading up a continuous improvement organization. 

Joanne has had a successful career within several major financial services companies including MassMutual, The Hartford and IBM and is now working as a consultant to assist others in their procurement and supplier management journey.

Joanne has holds a Bachelor of Science in Psychology and has been a SIG Faculty member for 2 years.  Joanne has also held several Board positions in a number of non-profit organizations.