Student Portal

Welcome to the student portal. You’re here because you know what you want in life, and you’re going after it!

  1. Your first step toward enrollment is to complete our application, attestation form and accept the code of conduct. All these documents are available by requesting enrollment information.

  2. Before attending your first class, we want to make sure that you’re completely informed about the courses you are about to take and the online classroom you will make your home for the next 12-weeks. We also want to introduce you to some of our faculty and staff that will help you along on this educational journey.

  3. Once all the documents have been completed and you have been through the SIGU Walk to Class, you can access the virtual classroom here:

  4. Take advantage of the 5,000+ resources available to you in the SIG Resource Center. Login with your SIG member account and access the SRC at:

  5. Need technical assistance? Please visit our FAQ page for common questions and answers or contact support at