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Today's society is filled with ways to gain some form of knowledge. Many times, people look past the source and take the information they are reading as gospel. Think about a time you read an article from a social media source or Googled something…is it possible you took the information as true and moved on?

Companies are faced with a massive shortage of skilled employees. These employees are missing both the hard and soft skills needed to compete in a global economy. Companies need leaders, dreamers, doers, mentors, and thought provokers peppered throughout their enterprise. So if information is so easy to come by, why do we have a skills shortage? Today, the litmus test of information is the outcome it produces; therefore, it is important we understand the source.

Enter SIG University. SIG University has created a well-qualified source of data that raises the competencies and skill level of each individual who graduates. The curriculum has been carefully designed with assistance from thought leaders and academics who have identified particular skills and competencies needed today for tomorrow’s workforce. SIG University’s certifications offer rigorous lessons that introduce new concepts, strengthen current knowledge and foster innovative ideas.