Executive Testimonials

"It's been a great collaborative learning experience for the team. I look forward to the team applying the lessons learned at Essilor." 
For myself, the CSP Program was good refresher on key concepts and methodologies, with introduction to a few new items as well.
SIG University is engaging, interactive and successful.
SIG University is very applicable to today's environment; well organized from start to finish.
The CSP Program is a great source of information to practice day to day Sourcing business.
The CSP Program is informative, helpful and comprehensive.
Great program! The material covered the procurement industry and function well.
My greatest takeaways from the CSP Program were learning stakeholder classification, speaking the language of business and change management.
SIG U is 5 star quality! The CSP Program gave me more confidence in my knowledge of  the sourcing industry.
“The good news about SIG University must be spread!”
“The entire course was full of very good content and I look forward to applying it to my professional career.”
“This course has enabled me to make better decisions, create smarter solutions, and educate those around me.”
“The course was well-rounded and dug deep on several key topics and ideas that will help our sourcing organization.”
“Having the course broken down into manageable weekly lessons was perfect for my learning style.”
“I am pleased that our entire team will complete the program. It allows all of our team members to be able to speak from the same dictionary.”
“This course was spot on in regard to the progressive direction of sourcing.”
“The content…provided valuable intel into the direction we should head as a company.”
“It opened my eyes to a side of the sourcing and procurement world that I don’t generally see.”
“The expanded level of detail throughout each section of the course has helped me view things from a more end-to-end perspective.”
“I found this course to be refreshing and informative.”
“This course provided very practical advice and guidance on how to approach the tasks I deal with every day.”
“The course provided a great overview of what is required to be a sourcing professional.”
“I enjoyed learning and deepening my knowledge in the area of sourcing management.”
“I felt like I was able to learn a lot of information during the allotted time.”
“I found this to be a great educational tool and refresher.”
“The course helped me see how I could really apply the topics to my everyday job.”