Training Programs

Jack Welch once said, “Change before you have to.” In today’s rapidly-innovating business world, change is, frankly, inevitable. Business needs change and skill sets have to keep up. But how do you know if you are making the right changes and developing the correct skills as roles and responsibilities grow? And how do organizations transition from job-centered to people-centered as routine tasks shift to knowledge-based work? We help solve those issues. 

SIG University is a full-service training development organization that focuses on enhancing skills for professionals in sourcing and procurement. SIG University enables students to become global sourcing leaders by engaging them in a collaborative learning environment that fosters, supports and promotes excellence in online and live education:

Training Programs

Our Approach

SIG University’s approach to developing and implementing training with every client is consultative in nature. It is our desire to engage with client leadership to ensure we fully understand the training needs and desired outcomes. Furthermore, by incorporating client-based scenarios into the training experience, participants are more likely to understand how to apply what they have just learned to their environment and role. This results in better outcomes for SIG University clients and their participants.

Our instructor-led courses are superb supplements to our eLearning or can be implemented as stand-alone educational engagements. These live trainings can be facilitated at your business location and can be modified to meet your company training objectives. We offer training through these models:

  • Instructor-Led Courses: Instructor-Led courses are pre-developed training programs which focus on developing knowledge in key strategic sourcing and category management concepts.  They can be customized to focus on specific categories or business environments.

        o Offered in one-day to full-week increments

        o Combine our training content with your objectives. 

        o Create a “hybrid” training solution incorporating eLearning with live training. 

  • Webinars: Webinar courses are stand-alone modules that can be self-paced and which can be used to target specific knowledge development areas. These are ideal for “Lunch and Learn” type training approaches. 
  • Executive Immersion: Our Executive Immersion Program is designed for real-world situations at executive decision-making levels. These intensive in-person workshops dive deep into topics and provide opportunities for senior procurement, sourcing and outsourcing executives to gather expertise from thought leaders, while simultaneously networking with other local colleagues.