Voices 360 Competency Assessment

There is an ancient Chinese belief that when a child is born an invisible “red thread” connects that child’s soul to all people they are destined to meet. In a similar way, those “red threads” connect individual employees to their past roles, current jobs and future careers. But…

  • How do we know where our thread is leading?
  • What if we could project the skills we need to guide the red thread?
  • What if we could have a direct impact on the organization by strengthening the competencies we have and developing those that could be lacking?
  • How can we create better individual development plans for ourselves? For our teams? For our departments? For our companies?


mapping has proven

to outlast job

descriptions many

times over.”

SIG University is certified to help you answer all those questions through the Voices 360 Competency Assessment, which provides a holistic view of an individual by garnering feedback from managers, peers, subordinates and acquaintances in a safe and anonymous environment. Through this program,

SIG University can help organizations align their jobs to company goals…and then align the people to their jobs, all based on competencies that will lead to success. Any identified gaps in competencies can then be traced to specific training and development needs.

This powerful feedback tool was designed to help people isolate strengths and weaknesses and see themselves as others see them. Similar to the Competency Mapping framework, this program uses the competencies (characteristics generally considered beneficial to career success) and/or career stallers and stoppers (characteristics generally considered harmful to career success) as the foundation by which important development plans are created.

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